Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Divergent (reviewed by a student)

*Written by Katy P.

I am selfish.  I am brave.  
This is a famous quote from divergent, and you wonder what divergent  means and what it is about. Let me tell you that divergent means “Tending to be different or develop different directions.” This young lady name beatrice comes from 1 out of 5 factions. And the factions are Amity the peaceful,Abnegation the selfless, Candor the honest, Erudite the intelligent, and Dauntless the brave. The one she comes from is Abnegation the selfless. As you first read the day of the aptitude test has come for her and her brother Caleb Prior.She sits in her set  and begins the test, After the test she finds out that she is divergent from a dauntless born named Tori. Tori made the test results inclusive because in their world if you are divergent you can be kill. Its the day after the test and Beatrice is worried about what faction to choose. When it comes for her to pick her new faction she gets torn between Abnegation and Dauntless. But she chooses faction before blood and left her family behind and went to Dauntless. The first day to Dauntless she decides to change her name to Tris. We find out there's three stages emotion ,body, and the mind.We also meet their instructor Four and Eric a dauntless leader. As you read along Tris meets friends Christina from Candor also Will from Erudite and Al from Candor. later in the book there is this lady named Jeanine. She is the leader of Erudite and she wants Erudite to be the leader of all the factions ,because they're the smartest and they thing you need to selfish to run all of those factions and not selfless and caring for others like Abnegation has been doing .   
As the book comes to the end Abnegation is attacked by….. who? Try to read the book Divergent to know. I like this book for teenagers because its showing us teeenagers how to become adult by learning what is right and wrong in life . It is also very romantic and sad at the same time because, you feel her pain and her brokenness when she misses her family but, you love that she in’s up with four.

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  1. Katy, I'm an adult and I liked the book! As an adult, I may have looked at the plot a little differently as it made me feel sad to think of our world as possibly being as broken as we see in Divergent. I've not read the third in the series, nor have I seen the movie. Hope to do both this summer! :-) Good job!