Monday, April 27, 2015

Tears of a Tiger (Reviewed by a student)

*Written by Emma B.

Andy doesn’t know if he could handle this pressure anymore.. In Tears of a Tiger by Shanon M. Draper, Andy kills his best friend in a car accident based on his drunk driving. Andy was driving while intoxicated, then they got into a car accident and killed Rob. After the accident, Andy goes into horrible depression and loses his other best friend(also his girl friend), Keisha, because of his mood swings. Andy soon goes to a psychologist to help him out of his depression. Andy deals with racism, depression, and horrible mood swings everyday. Tears of a Tiger is a great insight to how much teenagers can deal with in just months.
In my opinion, Tears of a Tiger was a great book. It showed you that all of your choices can turn into consequences; good or bad, depending on what you do. The rest of his life Andy goes crazy blaming himself for the accident and saying it should’ve been him. Tears of a Tiger had a great ending and you never knew what was coming next. Andy believes that if would’ve died instead of Rob everything would’ve been better off, which is sad because no one should feel like they need to die.
Tears of a Tiger is a great book because of how it’s told. The book is told in many different elements, from Andy’s point of view, to the “Hazelwood Herit” which is the school’s newspaper article. It showed everyone elses’ point of views and what they thought about it. To rate the book in stars, I would rate it a 4 out of 5. The book was great overall, but some of the different point of views were not necessary. I liked how the story was told, how it started, and how it left a cliffhanger as the ending. Tears of a Tiger shows you how much someone can deal with, when you lose your best friend.
Tears of a Tiger was overall a great book. It had many twist and turns but it always kept you guessing. This is my opinion on the book and how I liked it and what I didn’t like. Andy never knows if he is going to be able to make it through all this pressure.. did he?

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  1. You seemed to have a lot of insight into this book. I've not read it yet but hope to put it on my "to read" list after reading your review!