Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Hunger Games (student review)

*Written by Hannah M.

The book I read this month was the Hunger Games.  It was the first time i had ever even read the book, and before that i had seen the movie. So i compared it to the movie a lot which i shouldn't have done. Anyway what my point is is that if i mess up on some details its because i compared and thats how i remember it. The Hunger Games in the beginning is basically telling about her life. You know like how she grew up, her circumstances and how her dad died. It also talks about what she enjoys to do and what she loves. In the first couple of chapters you're getting to know Katniss and i think thats the most important time to actually pay attention because later on in the book you're gonna need the little things to know what's actually happening. Okay so once she starts the games its like she is telling the reader about the games, how she feels, is she hurt, what that pain feels like, what her competitors did and more detail than you could ever imagine but thats what is great about the book. Suzanne Collins made the book great out of imagery and detail. You can tell what's happening easily. Towards the end of the book she has to kinda fight for her and peeta because peete was hurt and sick. Plus also at the end of the book Peeta was gonna sacrifice his life so Katniss could win the games but instead they tricked the capitol and the games so they both won. What they were gonna do is both eat poisonous berries so no one was the winner of the games and of course that was impossible. I think towards the end of the book everything starts moving faster like right after they almost eat the berries. The people tell them to stop and then they get water and next thing you know they are on a plane. So thats also a pretty good time to pay attention to the words and what’s going on because you will get lost if you are like me.

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  1. Hannah, it's easy to compare books to movies, and it's not a bad thing. Hope you found the book to be better! :-)