Friday, April 24, 2015

The Pigman (Student review)

*Written by Dallas B.

Are you a teenager who knows that a bizarre adventure is waiting for you? Well Lorraine and John from The Pigman did not.
Lorraine Jensen and John Conlan, two high school sophomores who are best friends, have totally different personalities, and have horrible family issues. One day Lorraine and John were prank calling a random stranger whose named Angelo Pignati. Little did they know that that prank call was going to start something new. Lorraine and John are alienated from adults(their parents, teachers, etc.), so they reject the adult world. But that is very ironic because Lorraine and John becomes really great friends with Mr. Pignati in no time. Mr. Pignati introduced Lorraine and John to his strong love of fun and adventure. He was also very welcoming. At first when Lorraine and John first met Mr. Pignati, they pretend to collect money for the “L&J Fund”. After that, Mr. Pignati invites Lorraine and John to the zoo where they find Mr. Pignati’s best friend, Boo Boo the baboon. after the trip to the zoo, the friendship between Lorraine, John, and Mr. Pignati gets stronger. Mr. Pignati even shows his collection of ceramic pigs, which is how he got his nickname, “the pigman”(but sometimes they called him “Mr. Pignati”). Lorraine and John goes to Mr. Pignati’s house every single day, he makes them feel very comfortable in his house more than their parents’. Mr. Pignati even lets Lorraine and John explore through his house, which they find out Mr. Pignati’s big secret he was hiding all along. Eventually Mr. Pignati tells the truth as well as Lorraine and John about who they actually were. Lorraine and John goes through an awesome adventure with Mr. Pignati, which will be unforgettable for them both.

The story of The Pigman is somehow the only way Lorraine and John could ever really find peace as they write down their story, the epic story of the Pigman. I love The Pigman because it is based on a teenagers’ point of view. This is why I recommend this book to teenagers because at this age, we feel like we are excluded from the real world. This what I liked about the book. However, what I didn’t like about the book was the ending, I felt like the author, Paul Zindel, could’ve changed it up a bit. Other than that, the book was a masterpiece.

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  1. I loved the way you looked at the main characters and connected them to people that are all around you. We can learn a lot about ourselves as we see ourselves in book characters.