Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Top Ten Shakespeare Stories

Top Ten Shakespeare stories was a book were they put some of Shakespeare’s most famous plays made into funny stories . Most of his stories where deadly and cruel yet they were very humorous. Some of his most famous stories were included but summarized in funny tales. These included Hamlet , A Midsummers Night’s Dream , King Lear, and Romeo and Juliet. The book also included various facts about Shakespeare.

Our opinion of the book:
We as a group thought that the book was very interesting and gave us a better insight on the reality of his stories. Our favorite story was King Lear , we enjoyed the eye gouging , stabbing , poisoning , and the jokes! We were very grateful to have the opportunity to read this hilarious book !

Kayla Davis, Lauryn Green , Infinaty Kirksey ,  Aniyah Burr , Lauren white.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Memories of Vietnam (by Ellen Weiss)


 Over half a million U.S soldiers were sent to fight in Vietnam. It was undergoing a long civil war. Did Americans belong there? But before you decide, consider what the people who were there had to say. There are letters from American soldiers in this book that will allow you to experience the war up close and personal.
                        Aaliyah Arnolds’s opinion:  my opinion is this book was very informative and interesting!
                        Mckenzie Goodwin’s opinion: this book is interesting and talks about paddies
                        Cierra love’s opinion: I liked this book a lot and it talks about paddies

                        Sha’ Miarer Jackson’s opinion: the book was very inspiring .