Friday, April 17, 2015

Divergent (Student Book Review)

*Reviewed by Ashley S.

Could you imagine a world where you are split up into factions based on human virtues, but you figure out that you are Divergent and you think that you will never in with a faction?
Well Tris Prior finds outs that she is Divergent when she takes a aptitude test to see if she was going to stay in the Abnegation faction or move to the Amity, Candor, Dauntless, or the Erudite faction.Tris is warned when she finds out that the head leader of Erudite: Jeanine Matthews is going to do something to all of the Divergents in each faction.
    When the faction deciding day came Tris has to choose between if she is selfless, peaceful, honest, brave, or intelligent. When it was Tris’s turn to stay in Abnegation or go to another faction, she decides to go to Dauntless because she wants to be the brave one in her family.After Tris is placed in her faction, her and the other initiates were put into training so they can learn how to shoot guns, fight with other initiates, learn how to throw knives. At the end of each training period the initiates are ranked on how well they did in the training. On the first stage of training, Tris was #6, bur after having some practice in the Dauntless headquarters Tris came out to be #1 in the final rankings of training.
    During the Dauntless training, Tris had some help from one of her trainers named Four. Four is one of the head leaders at Dauntless besides Eric who is the head leader of Dauntless. Four is also a Divergent, he grew up in the Abnegation faction but he went to the Dauntless faction when he became 16 because his dad was not treating him right when Four (Tobias) was living in the Abnegation Faction.
    I would suggest that Divergent would be a good book for young teenagers to read because when they are reading the book, they will start to imagine what all of the factions would look like in their head. I read Divergent during the summer and now I am reading the rest of the Divergent series and they are called Insurgent, Allegiant, and the newest book to the Divergent series is the book called Four which is broken down into four little stories which is told from Four (Tobias) perspective. The stories that is broken in the book are: The Transfer, The Initiate, The Son, and The Traitor.

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