Monday, April 20, 2015

Tears of a Tiger (Student Book Review)

*Written by Bryant B.

Have you ever wanted to
read a book with excitement?

If so, stop by your bookstore and get Tears of a Tiger by Sharon M. Draper. In this book, Andy Jackson, a high school student, and his friends, Robert Washington, B.J. Carson, and Tyrone Mills, are drinking when they decided to go for a ride in Andy’s car. The car crashes killing Robert Washington. Months later, Andy can’t seem to stop blaming himself  for the accident and Rob’s death. He block his family, friends off and he can’t seem to look past it all. This book will be the best book that you will ever read in your life time.
    Sadly, about 2,000 teens die from drinking while behind the wheel. Alcohol is a factor in a third of all teenage auto fatalities. Teen feel as if they need relief from the world so they start drinking. When the start drinking they start to make mistakes. Mistakes that the will regret. A mistake to where you get behind the wheel while intoxicated and putting their life and other people’s life in danger. Sometimes that happens, It happens because they were careless and didn’t know what they need to do. It happens because they are lost in the world. Driving while intoxicated is a major offence and teens don’t want to go through that.

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