Friday, May 1, 2015

The Pigman (written by a student)

*Written by Madison S.

Ever thought, you were the only one going through something? You're not! In The Pigman two of the novel’s main characters, go through some of the exact same things you might be going through right now. The Pigman is a realistic fiction novel, about a lonely old man, with a big secret, who just wants some friends. Who are those friends, The Pigman finds? You guessed it, John, and Lorraine. John, and Lorraine are friends in high school, with secrets of their own. John, and Lorraine share the same secret, that they wish they could change. They both come from homes where their not treated very well. John’s mom is too OCD to notice, anything that’s going on in his life, and his dad is the  reason John drinks. Lorraine's life isn’t much better. Lorraine’s dad walked out on her, when she was little. And her mom, oh her mom. Her mom is a piece of work! Lorraine’s mom blames Lorraine for her dad walking out on them, and her mom is always telling her she’s ugly, and not worth anything. And then there's Mr. Pignati, better known as THE Pigman. Mr. Pignati is an amazing man, who no matter what is going on, he’s always got a twinkling smile oh his face going from ear to ear. In The Pigman Mr.Pignati faces some problems of his own. The problem he goes through is actually the reason he is lonely. His wife dies. So you see The Pigman, is a very easy to relate to novel, being as the characters face problems that everyday people go through all the time.I think that The Pigman would be a great novel for anyone to read,that likes realistic fiction novels,and wants to read books that they could relate to, and that are about everyday life, and do have things going on in them, that the reader themselves might be going through. I think that The Pigman is an appropriate book to read for kids that are in middle school, and above just, because it does have some language symbols in it, and it has some chapters that mention alcohol. I think that  whoever reads The Pigman, will love it, and want to read it again, and again!

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