Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Pigman (another student review)

*Written by Braydie A.

The Pigman, by Paul Zindel, is a action packed novel with alot of suspense.The main characters are sophomores, John and Lorraine. Another main character is, of course, Mr.Pignati, or the Pigman. John is the author of  the odd numbered chapters of the book and Lorraine is the author of  the even numbered chapters. John and Lorraine liked to play practical jokes on people by calling random phone numbers. One day, they came upon The Pigman’s number,and that’s how it all started.They pretended to be charity workers for the “Lorraine and John Fund”. The old man didn’t know any better, so he helped them out. They got to know Mr.Pignati through their phone calls. One day, they decided to go to the zoo and meet him in person. He was really nice to them. He would get them anything they wanted.The Pigman loved this baboon named Bobo and he would spent hours with him. John and Lorraine enjoyed spending time with Mr.Pignati and wanted more of it, so they continued to have more days like this with him.Then, they started coming to the Pigman’s house.There, they did whatever they wanted and had the time of lives with Mr.Pignati. John and Lorraine really took all the fun and gifts for granted. Then one day Lorraine, John and Mr.Pignati were all roller skating. Mr.Pignati skated so hard with them and he had a heart attack.The Pigman turned out to be okay for now. While Mr.Pignati was in the hospital, John and Lorraine had his house to themselves. They thought that was awesome. John decided to throw a party since Mr.Pignati wasn’t there. Lorraine wasn’t really happy about it, but she went along with him. The party was good at first,but it got out of control fast. Soon the house was a wreck. Later that night, Mr.Pignati came home from the hospital and saw the crazy party.The Pigman was speechless. The police came, and John and Lorraine got in big trouble. John and Lorraine felt horrible for what they did to Mr.Pignati. So, they decided to take him to see Bobo. When they met up with the Pigman, he looked horrible.They walked in the zoo and went straight to Bobo’s cage,but he wasn’t there. It turned out that Bobo had died. Mr. Pignati was devastated, and fell to the floor. . .
I really liked the book. I didn’t like the way that John and Lorraine treated Mr. Pignati  because they took him for granted. I also didn’t like that Mr. Pignati gave them so much. I did like all the fun that the friends had together. The book also showed that older people and younger people can still be friends. Overall, it was an awesome book and I think everyone should read it.

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