Friday, May 8, 2015

The Hunger Games (written by a student)

*Written by Ramsay T.

The Hunger Games was one of the best books that I’ve ever read. It has a lot of action and some romance. It makes you want to be brave and actually do something. I don’t want to give no spoilers but the ending made you almost have to read the next book. Katniss and Peeta kept to themselves a lot. They didn’t partner up with anyone during the games. They get very lucky though. They don’t even know what they did would turn out to be this big. These two people change the whole world with just berries. You can’t stop reading after this book either. you have to finish the series or you will always be thinking about it. You have to know how it ends. I really actually liked reading this book. I was never bored with it and i just didn’t want to put it down. All the action and drama is amazing. It makes you think what if this would actually happen. These people have very hard lives. Living in Panem for me would be crazy. I would die so fast. I really do recommend this book to anyone. It is actually a very good. I have read it more than once.

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  1. Ramsay, I love your enthusiasm for the book. Like you, I think I might die pretty fast, too, if I were a tribune! Unfortunate, huh? Glad to see you enjoy this so much. Have you read Divergent?