Monday, May 4, 2015

The Last Dog on Earth (student review)

*Written by Mattie T.

“The Last Dog On Earth” is an outstanding book that shows action and violence but at the same time shows the love and friendship between a boy and his dog. The book by Daniel Ehrenhaft was published by Dell Yearling in June of 2004. I just read it last month. I didn’t know about the book until I saw someone reading it at “2nd and Charles”. When I found it I was intrigued in the book. The beginning was a bit confusing but it was interesting. About half-way through the book, I was so committed to finishing the book because so many had lost their lives to this disease that has affected most of the population. At that point in the book, Logan Moore and Jack only have each other (with the exception of Dr. Craig Westerly)
When I finished the book I kept thinking to myself, “What will happen to Logan and Dr. Westerly? What about the people still infected with the disease?” According to me, this is the perfect book for people who like action, suspense, and love (boy and his dog love). The book will take your heart away and leave you at the edge of your seat. This book is unlike anything you have ever read. Trust me, you will LOVE this book!!!
I have read several books but this one, without a doubt, is the best!!! Since I have read this book I see the world a little differently, I cherish all of those moments, I feel for your pain and loses. This book tells the story of Logan Moore and his loving dog, Jack.
There's something unique about how Daniel Ehrenhaft named his characters. Logan is just a normal name for many kids in the world and Logan was just a normal kid until he met Jack, a sweet, loving, FEMALE dog who hates everyone EXCEPT Logan. She is a mutt, but Logan saw that she was more than a mutt, he saw her as a dog that just wanted someone to care for her. This book is a thrill ride, if you wish to know more than READ THE BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Wow, you really show enthusiasm for this book! :-) I'm curious about two things...who named the dog and why a male name for a female dog? Also, what was the disease? I think I'll have to read and see, huh? :-)