Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Welcome back!

Summer has come and gone, and we are cracking the new school year wide open! It has been so much fun to see old friends, meet new ones, and kick off the new year.

We have 23 student library aides, and I am going to rely on them quite a bit to help the library program run smoothly this year! The blog will be used quite a bit for various assignments and activities. Library aides, please comment below (first name OR initials only plus your class period, please!) with one reason you wanted to become a library aide this year. This will be good practice for using the blog comment features.

All HMS students and parents, we are eager to serve you. Please don't hesitate to come by!


  1. Tony Dunn
    I wanted to be a library aide because it was so mush fun last year. I like to help people and I like to read so that is a bonus.

  2. I wanted to be a library aid in order to learn more on how this process works. I didn't just want to be in here because my friends were but because I wanted to gain knowledge on the library and how it operates.

  3. I wanted to be a library aid this year, because I really love books , and reading. I also wanted to be an library aid , so that I could learn more about books, and I wanted to go and help people out!

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  5. Aaron Brown
    2nd period

    I wanted to help others with my technology skills.

  6. Roxie
    5th period
    I wanted to be a library aide this year because i had so much fun doing it last year

  7. Lizzy 1st Period
    I wanted to be a library aide this year because I loved doing everything last year as one.

  8. I want to be a Librarian Aide this year is because I love everything about libraries! From stacking books to working on computers and making posters and what not! I just love the feeling that I get when I get opportunities to help others, if it's a teacher or a student, either or! To know that they need help and that they are putting their problems into my hands and that they depend on to help them is what satisfies and makes me feel pride in myself through my good turns daily as a liabrarian aide. I don't know maybe it's just the Boyscout blood in me lol! To be prepared, and to do a good turn daily. (First one is the motto and second is the slogan.)
    But either way, through and through, day by day, I will do my best as a librarian aide as well as possible for as long as I possibly can to be the best I can!
    -Taylor R. 1st Period!

  9. Seth M. 1st periodAugust 30, 2013 at 6:23 AM

    I am glad to be a library aide this year! I am having a lot of fun!