Monday, April 8, 2013

Book Fair!

It's book fair week! Your assignment this week is to find 3 books at the book fair that you would like to read. List their titles and tell why you want to read it (Cover? Recommendation from a friend?)

April is National Poetry Month! Your displays (poetry/poets is our theme, but do not use a song) are due this Thursday!


  1. Brittany P.
    3rd period
    One book that I would like to read from the book fair is called Matched. I want to read this because I like the cover and a few people have recommended it to me.
    I would also like to read Between The Shades of Gray because I really like the cover on the book. It looks very interesting.
    The other book I would like to read is Middle School The Worst Year of My Life. I want to read it because people recommended it and they said it was really good.

  2. Erica A.
    4th Period
    I'd like to read Kissed because I read the back of it and it sounds really interesting.I want to read Divergent because Mrs. Boyd said I would like it:) I want to read Entwined because I read the back and it looks very interesting.

  3. Bailey Walker
    5th period
    I would lke to read So Much Closer by Susane Colasanti because that cover is very pursuative and the back is very intreging.
    Another book I would like to read is The Summer Before Boys by Nora Baskin because the back is very interesting and its about best friends and boys. Also, I would like to read Superstars! One Direction because I absolutley love them!!!

  4. Elizabeth Bennett 6th Period
    The Hobbit is the first book I chose because I love Lord of the Rings and my sister said that the Hobbit is really good, so I want to read it before I see the movie, which is split up into 3 parts. Forget Me Not is the second book I chose because I read the back and it sounded pretty good. Titanic Book 1: Unsinkable is the last book I chose because I love stories about the Titanic and I read the back and it seemed interesting.

  5. Roxie love
    1st period
    I would like to read the power of six, matched, and the host.
    I would liike to read these books because i saw the movies for 2 of them and i read half of the other one and i really wanted to read the rest

  6. Jake B.
    1st Period
    The books I would like to read (and I've already bought two) are Trust No One, Divergent, Legend. and Matched. I want to read Trust No One because it is the 5th book in the Cahills VS Vespers series which is the sequel series to The 39 Clues series. I want to read the last 3 because they are like the Hunger Games; in the sense that they are about future society's where people are trying to survive in truth.

  7. Asia Oden 1st period
    I would love to read Matched by Ally Condie, Legend by Marie Lu, and Divergent by Veronica.
    They are all books that are similar to the hunger games and im obsessed with the hunger games, so I think I will like them and roxie and jake recommended them to me. They all seem intresting and I think it would be a fun to read.

  8. 1.) Infinity Ring
    2.) Middle school, the worst years of my life
    3.) Invisible World

    1.) I was recommended this book by a friend
    2.) I was recommended this book by Mrs. Wilson
    3.) the title and cover picture entice you to read it.

  9. Chad White
    1)The Throne of Fire
    3)Middle School Get me out of here!!!
    1)Im reading the series and its the next book
    2)They look really tasty and i like to cook
    3)Looks like a good book

  10. Tony Dunn
    1. "The Dead". It looks like a good book and I love shows, movies, and books about zombies.
    2. "The Read Pyramid". I've read the author's other series "Percy Jackson" and I like books that combine mythology with the modern times.
    3. "Ripley's Believe it or not". I really like the show and I'm interested in random fascinating facts.

  11. Raylen King
    5th period
    1.)Troy High looks like a good book because its about a girl choosing between family and her best friend.
    2.)Superstars-Hearthrobs looks like a good book because Justin Bieber is on the cover.
    3.)Superstars-One Direction seems like a good biography because One Direction is one of my favorite bands.