Thursday, September 19, 2013

Check out our Tackks!

Library aides have been using Tackk to create digital posters on a book of their choice. I am so proud of their work, attention to detail, and creativity. Library aides ROCK!

*We are going to work on updating these with proper citations. :)

Erica: The Pretties

Lizzy: Divergent

Bryant: Among the Free

Ashlyn: Out of My Mind

Raylen: Catching Fire

Bailey: Criss Cross

Aaron: Out of My Mind

JT: Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Dallas: Island of the Blue Dolphins

Emma: Hunger Games

Steven: Saving Zasha

Casey: The Hobbit

Kyle: Hatchet

Kaylin: A Christmas Carol

Roxie: Hunger Games

Luke: Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Seth: Killer Pizza by the Slice

McKenzie: The Giver


  1. The favorite thing about this project is reading the book.

  2. Erica A. 1st period
    My favorite digital poster is Divergent by Liz, because I love that book and she did a great job at explaining it.

  3. Love This!!! What great work! I want my library aides to do this too!!!!!!!