Friday, February 15, 2013

Sweet Melody

Time for a talk-back. Comment with your answers below! There is no length limit on this assignment.
*Due by Thursday, February 24th. 

*Remember, use the first name, last initial, class period format. (ex: Michelle W., 7th period)

1. What do you think of Out of My Mind so far?

2. What is Melody's best feature?

3. Which one of Melody's classmates do you like best and why?


  1. I think the book Out of my mind is great so far. Melody's best feature so far is that she has a photographic memory. My favorite one of her classmates is Carl because it is funny how he says "Zoom!!!! Zoom!!!!!" .Especially when he is going in his electric wheel chair at the setting at slow or slower.

  2. I think the Out of my mind is a awesome book. I think Melody will be able to talk to express herself and possibly walk. My favorite classmate is the girl that was creative and loved to decorate because it proved that even less devoloped people can be who they want.
    Roxie L. 1ST PERIOD

  3. Joi L. 1st period
    1.) I think out of my mind is AMAZING so far! I absolutly adore it! It's great! It's very inspiring!
    2.) I think Melodys best feature is her dimples! I love dimples! So cute, so, so cute!
    3.) I like the little girl who calls her Melly Belly. Shes so sweet!

  4. Asia O. 1st period

    I think Out of My Mind is a FANTASTIC book! I love Melody she is such a loving character.
    I think Melody's best features is her brain. She is smart character and knows a lot for her age. I like Ashley she is like a porcelain doll, I love her curly blonde hair.

  5. Savanna J. 1st Period

    1.) I think Out of My Mind is the best book iI have read thus far in my life, and i dont like to read at all!!!!!
    2.) Melody's best feature i think is her personality, she is a very out going person, but she cant show it.
    3.) Ashley is my favorite character. Why? Because she is always made up and matchy matchy! I Love It!!!!!(:

  6. Brittany P. 3rd period
    1. I think Out of My Mind is a really great book. It's a little bit sad to me because she wants to talk so bad but she cant. I really hope she will learn how to talk soon in the book.
    2. I think Melody's best feature is her brain because she is really smart but she cant express it.
    3. I think Ashley is my favorite character because she always matches and I think it's cute.

  7. Matthew Hamaker
    1st Period
    1.I think Out of My Mind is an awesome book because it shows that people with disabilities do have feelings and that they are just like regular people.
    2. Melody's best feature is that she likes to listen to books.
    3.I like Ashley because she seems like she is a very good person to be around, because she is always wearing matching clothes, and she has a good personality.

  8. Tony D
    2nd perid
    1. First I really like this book. It is really fun ro read and is hilarious. It really gets you thinking though, about what if the kids with disabilities over here are just as smart.
    2. I think Melody's best feature is her brain, because she is avery smart person.
    3. I like Carl the best out of her classmates. He sounds awsome and funny. If I was in that class I would be stabbing the snowman to.

  9. Erica A.
    4th Period
    1. I really like Out of My Mind so far. I think this book is really interesting and I love how it always keeps you guessing.
    2. I think Melody's best feature is her intelligence beacause she is very smart.
    3. I like Ashley because of the way she dresses and i like her personality.

  10. so far i think its a good book,i think Melody's a good kid but she cant express her self
    4th Kamri"Kam Dog"Banks

  11. Alyssa Harris
    4th Period
    1. I like Out Of My Mind so far, i just wish the author could give a little bit more detail and a perspective of how everyone feels about Melody than how she thinks they perceive her.

    2. I think Melody's best feature is the way she goes about learning new things, she is smart ,but she just doesn't know how to show and use it yet.

    3. I like Maria, because she reminds me of myself. Because she loves everything and everyone and she is always excited about doing the most non excitng things. I don't have down syndrome but, yea.

  12. Bailey Walker
    5th period
    1. The book, Out Of My Mind, is a great book. I really enjoy it because it has a very interesting story line. I cant wait untill we get to finish the book because I am very annxious to see how it ends.
    2. I think Melody's best feature is her ability to comprehend words and music. I really enjoy her insight pon what she is learning from the other people around her.
    3. I like Ashley because her personality, the way she dresses, and the way Melody desribes her. She seems like a great friend for Melody. Also she reminds me of me! I would love to have a friend like her.

  13. Raylen King
    5th period
    1. So far I like Out of My Mind , but one complaint that I have about the book is that there aren't enough point of views for me personally.
    2. Melody's best feature for me would have to be her good sense of humor and I also like the fact that because of her condition she is still very smart.
    3.i like Ashley because of her style so Ashley would have to be my favorite.

  14. Elizabeth B. 6th Period
    1. I think that Out of My Mind is amazing. I feel like Melody is really sweet and ver y smart and I know how she feels when she gets aggravated.
    2. I think Melody's best feature is her attitude in her head. She's really smart, understands everything, and is crazy sweet. I love her thirst to express herself.
    3. My favorite of Melody's classmates would be Maria because she understands them as well as themselves. I think she's really sweet.

  15. Jake B. 1st Period
    1) So far, I am loving this book! It's so inspirational and the book just sucks you right in!
    2) I would have to say Melodys best feature is her determination. You can be as smart as you want as long as you have determination.
    3) I know everyone else is saying this- but I think Ashley is my favorite because if she were real she'd be so cute!

  16. 1)So far the book is really good and I think it's going to be really sad for the rest of the book.
    2)Her best feature in my eyes is her memory.She has a great memory.
    3)I like Carl because of the way he plays. He is my kind of guy. Zoom!!! Zoom!!!

  17. ROXIE L. 1st period
    1) I really like the book so and really hoping to read the rest
    2)I think Melodys best future is to be able to talk with a certain language and possibly walk
    3)I like the fashion model classmate because shes really creative (more than me)