Wednesday, January 23, 2013

New books!

This post is for library aides!

You guys have already seen all the new books we have received this week. Choose one that looks the most interesting and read it. Post a quick synopsis (up to 5 sentences) in the comments section below. Use this format:


Make sure you have completed this AND your reflection log for this week by Thursday! 


  1. Beat the Drum, Pum-Pum
    Ashley Bryan
    Don't let this weird name fool you, this new addition to the library is pretty good. It tells stories of how things are the way they are, usually by including animals. These African stories can even give lessons(kinda like fairy tales) that could help later on in life. For instance, 1 story shows how if you do good things, good things will come to you. Try reading one of the new books in the library, and you may find yourself enjoying it. -Lizzy B. 6th Period

  2. Buzz Off Flies
    Rachel Eagen
    This book is about flies and they talk about there habitat. This book also talks about what they eat. I found out also that maggots are baby flies. Maggots are different shapes and sizes. Maggots molt there skin three times as they are growing to be adult flies.-Alyssa Hunt 1st Period

    1. Building Greenscrapers
      Steven L. Stern
      Skyscrapers often use up large amounts of energy in order to keep their lights, heating and cooling systems, computers operating. Yes, skyscrapers are tall land marks, but they use our energy. This book will tell you how to make skyscrapers more green. One of these buildings is a skyscraper in England is covered in over 7,000 solar panels.

    2. That was Savanna J. by the way!!! ^

  3. Animal Rights Activist
    by: Carrie Gleason
    This book is about animal cruelty around the world. It disscusses laws, involvment, protests, and ways to stop it etc.. This book makes you want to help get involved in groups against animal cruelty.People around the world kill animals to make goods and the people in this book is trying to stop it or just or just decrease the numbers/ percentages. If you really care about animals you would read this book and do your best to stop it.
    (Roxie L.)

  4. Know your Sport
    By: Paul Lanson
    Do you like riding your bike? If so this is your book, this book explains to you what the sport of cycling is, and it also helps you choose the right bike for you whether you like mountain biking, BMX, or just racing bikes. This book also gives you safety tips for riding during the day or during the night. Cycling also explain to you how the gears on a bike works. This also explains to you the benefits of cycling and how it is good for your body. This is a great book for any beginning cyclist whether young or old. MATTHEW HAMAKER 1/24/13 1st period

  5. Blood Sucking Lice and Fleas
    By: Ellen Rodger
    This book describes the lives of lice and fleas. It tells you all about these creepy crawles and how people have dealt with them. It does not just talk about are time but how peole and animals have dealt with them since theey 1st appeared. It describes the different breeds of fleas and lice and how they feed. This book goes deep into the life of these creatures, and why they need us. Tony D

  6. Canada the people
    By: Bobbie Kalman
    This book tells about the history and heritage of Canada. It also gives information about the families and culture. It describes the different schools and education in Canada. It gives information about a few foods they eat and sports they play. This book gives alot of information about Canadas culture and history. Brittany P 3rd period

  7. The Wall
    By:Peter Sis
    This book talks about the life of a little boy who grows up by the work of his art. It grows through the years of how he lived his life and drawing with it. And all the drama and things he went through as a child. And at the end he was still drawing what he wanted.

  8. Building Greenscrapers
    By: Steven L. Stern
    This Book tells you how some skyscrapers are "green." How they use LED lights instead of regular bulbs. Some skyscrapers have solar panels to power all the computers and heating and cooling units. A green skyscraper collects water on the roof to use all around the building. They also have plants on the roof to improve the cities air quality. This
    book also has really interesting facts about buildings in the back of it.

  9. canada culture
    by:kamri banks
    this book is about the culture the religion,holidays,and the important events that they have every year.which they find very entertaing.its sounds very fun to read what they do.

  10. Title: Food and Farming: Farming and the Future
    Author: Ina Graham
    Synopsis: This book is about farming and how it is changing. Also it mentions how scientist believe that the Earth's temperature is getting hotter and that this increase in climate will affect the agricultural production of farmers. By the year 2030, there will be another 2.5 billion people on Earth. They will need water, and farms will need more water to produce food for them. This book states that crops take nutrients and minerals out of the soil and farmers must put these back to make it fertile again. (Bailey Walker)

  11. Title:Food and Farming: Feeding the World
    Author: Richard and Louise Spilsbury
    Synopsis:This book talks about the food crisis and also about the trade and food shortages.It also tells how the food that we see at the grocery stores get to those grocery stores.The food that we consume comes from various locations.Lastly this book talks about how to farm without using chemicals.

    1. This was Raylen King by the way

  12. Title: Building Greenscrapers
    Author: Steven L. Stern
    Synopsis:This book is about the different types of buildings around the world and how they get certain things while helping to stop pollution. For example, some building get there energy from solar panels, which absorbs the sun's light and turns it into electricity. Buildings can also get their energy from wind by using wind turbines. Lastly, ventilation systems replace indoor air with outdoor air, which improves the air quality and lowers the temperature in warm rooms.

  13. Artimis Fowl: The Time Paradox
    Eoin Colfer
    After Artemis Fowl came back from Limbo, he has missed three years of his life. He stole magic in that time, and used it to put spells on both his parents so they won't question where he has been. Well, this spell puts his mother on her death bed, because it gave her Spelltropsy, a deadly fairy disease that kills very fast. With only 3 days to save his mother, Artemis must recruit his friends Holly and N°1 to go back in time and save the only antidote that he himself killed as a kid, a lemur. Will Artemis succeed, or will he be the reason his mother died?

  14. Animals in the house
    by: Shelia Keenan
    synopsis: This book is about common pets and uncommon pets that live in houses and domestics. This book explains the origins of animals that live in the house. The book also has recommondations for your type of family. It also teaches you how to treat pets.
    BY asia oden